Mega menu design trends in ecommerce: 2011 vs. 2014

Way, way back in 2011 we published an article looking at how 26 commerce sites presented their mega menus.

This refers to the drop-down menus that are generally situated within the horizontal navigation at the top of a webpage.

Web trends and UX design have changed in the intervening years, in large part due to increasing consumer adoption of mobile and new technologies such as responsive design, so I thought it would be interesting to revisit those same sites to see how they’ve evolved.

Here they are…

10 things Lovehoney learned from setting up an e-commerce site

Lovehoney is a true online success story, growing from a three-man operation run out of a Pickford’s self-storage unit to a multimillion-pound business in less than 10 years.

In fact roughly one in three sex toys sold online in the UK now goes through Lovehoney.

At the E-commerce Expo this week co-founder Neal Slateford and e-commerce manager Matthew Curry gave a presentation about 10 things they have learned from setting up their own online business.

Here’s a run through of their 10 pearls of wisdom, and you can also hear Curry talk at Econsultancy’s JUMP event on October 10.

Q&A: Lovehoney’s Matthew Curry on jiggle balls, TV and user experience

Matthew Curry is Head of E-commerce at adult retailer Lovehoney, and he’ll be speaking at our JUMP event on October 10

He’l be talking about how offline PR affects online sales, after the company were featured in a recent Channel 4 documentary. 

I’ve been asking Matthew about his presentation, the effects of TV coverage, and his approach to user experience.