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Loyalty schemes: 31% of Australian consumers want an app as well as a card

Retailer loyalty programs are nothing new, however mobile technologies have changed consumer expectations of how and when they should be able to access their account information.

Loyalty schemes still largely work off plastic cards but there’s huge potential for allowing customers to manage and redeem their points using a smartphone app. 

The benefits of loyalty apps are clear, as it allows customers to more easily manage their points and means that retailers can target people with offers and discounts.

And a new survey shows that retailers should certainly be thinking about moving in this direction, as a third (31%) of Australian loyalty scheme members want both a card and a mobile app.

B&Q’s Club app is the perfect mobile loyalty scheme

B&Q recently launched its new Club loyalty app as it seeks to take advantage of that fact that up to two-thirds of its customers use their phones in-store.

The home and garden retailer already has more than 640,000 customers signed up to its loyalty scheme, so the idea is to give them an easier way to redeem offers and also attract new users.

Rather than rewarding purchases with loyalty points, the B&Q Club app gives customers a reason to go in-store by offering exclusive discounts on various products.

The app, which was designed by Grapple, is available on iOS and Android, so I gave it a test run on my Galaxy S2…