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Luxury retail faces up to unprecedented challenges

The retail sector as a whole has been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. But what about the fate of luxury retailers? With even higher rents and with arguably less traction online than mass-market retailers, the luxury sector is also facing some unprecedented challenges. Brick-and-mortar closures hit brands hard Luxury retailers have traditionally relied on […]

A review of Victoria Beckham’s new international website

It was 10 years ago that Victoria Beckham first launched her own fashion label. With each collection released in the past decade, the former Spice Girl has continued to impress critics, leading to the opening of two landmark stores in London and Hong Kong, and hundreds of department store concessions worldwide.

Social Media

What’s the point of social media for luxury brands?

Research from Emerson College’s Engagement Lab, suggests luxury brands performing well in social media engagement often lagged behind in word-of-mouth (WOM) performance.  

At the same time, brands who performed well in the WOM arena were making less impact in social media.