Why your brand’s audience should be a bull’s eye

Let’s not kid ourselves: creating a brand can be complicated. (If you’re reading this, you likely know firsthand how complicated.) Not only do you need to decide what your brand stands for, what you want to provide consumers and how to convey your brand promise, you must identify who you want to use your product.

This is one of the most important decisions you can make. After all, brands are relationships, and like romantic relationships you need to make sure there are two mutually interested parties. You don’t want to get into an unrequited love situation where no one is interested in what you are offering. This can be a very cold, lonely, and ultimately very unprofitable situation to be in. Healthy relationships involve two interested and equally committed parties. Unhealthy ones don’t – and rarely last long.

Own a Mac? Now you can pay more for your hotel

The next time you need to find a hotel room, you might want to keep a PC handy. At least if your search takes you to Orbitz.

The reason? The popular travel service is experimenting with displaying costlier lodging options to Mac users.

Is the age of innocence over for the Mac?

If you own a Windows-based computer, it may be hard to believe that many of your Mac counterparts don’t run antivirus software.

Viruses and malware are a fact of life for Windows owners, and as a
result, there is a sizable ecosystem of security software vendors whose
mission in life is to protect PC owners from the constantly growing
number of threats.

But Mac owners may be getting a taste of the hassles PC
owners have become accustomed to…

Apple: recession? What recession?

The recession has been tough on most publicly-traded tech companies. Even Google, which has held up quite well, has admitted that the recession has made an impact on its business.

So is there any major tech company that hasn’t really been affected? After reading its Q2 results yesterday, you might be inclined to answer ‘yes‘; Apple appears about as close to unaffected as a company can be.

I’m a Mac Store, I’m a PC Store

i'm a mac I'm a pcThere’s something almost portentous about the news coming out on Friday the 13th, not to mention the day before Valentine’s Day. Microsoft, following Apple’s lead, will open its own line of branded retail outlets.

Microsoft briefly had a San Francisco store during the dot-com boom, which quickly folded. Apple Stores, meanwhile, are prospering and flourishing. Openings in new cities are eagerly anticipated events on the scale of major rock stars coming to town: people stake spots in line a day in advance, often spending the night on the sidewalk in anticipation of the doors opening. If Apple introduces a hot new product like the iPhone, the whole process repeats.

Here in New York, our three Apple stores are must-see tourist attractions. And they’re bound to be bustling on Valentine’s Day tomorrow – I keep seeing articles in mainstream media citing Apple stores as one of the top places to meet members of the opposite sex.

Google Chrome, Quick Search Box coming to a Mac near you

For Mac users who didn’t feel a lot of love from Google when it released its browser, Chrome, and only included PC users in the fun, things are about to change.

A version of Chrome for the Mac is reportedly on the way and Google has released an experimental Quick Search Box for the Mac.