Mad Men

Mad Men season premiere sparks big social chatter

A mere decade ago, the water cooler was still the ideal place to discuss the movie you saw over the weekend or the TV show you watched last night. But with the rise of social media, the water cooler is, for many viewers, online.

When it comes to talking about the latest happenings on the big screen and the small screen, connected devices are creating an entirely new dynamic, one in which viewers talk about the content they’re consuming with large audiences in real-time.

The Gray Lady lends its brand to advertisers

The New York Times, desperate to earn some money in these dire times for media sites, is experimenting with advertising online and seeing some positive results. 

Unwilling, or perhaps unable to wait for advertisers to start pouring money into the web, The Times is using its own creative team — and its brand — to make itself more attractive to advertisers.