Tips to enhance B2B digital strategies

When it comes to the B2B realm, the word “digital” is still considered a bit taboo. A good majority of B2B companies have yet to totally integrate digital strategies into their overarching marketing efforts. 

Don’t get me wrong—some in the B2B sector really get it, such as Dell, American Express, GE, among others.

But why is it that so many B2B executives feel that digital marketing won’t help them take their business to new levels? 

Are we all destined to become manufacturers?

Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson has a knack for spotting and popularizing interesting business trends that are driven by the internet. He’s most famous, of course, for his book The Long Tail, which has inspired legions of internet entrepreneurs.

But at the Supernova conference in San Francisco, Anderson revealed that he’s thinking more about the physical than the virtual these days.