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CPCs for Google Shopping ads have increased 53% year-on-year: report

The cost per click (CPC) of Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) has increased by 53% year-on-year, reaching an all time high in June as the search engine finally completed the transition of shopping results to a commercial model.

Though PLAs are still cheaper than standard text paid search ads, it shows that Google has successfully managed to cause a massive increase in CPCs by changing how the ad formats work.

In fact, PLA CPCs have increased by 34% since January alone and costs are likely to continue rising despite a slight drop off in July, which is likely as a result of seasonality.

Smartphones achieve highest paid search CTR: report

Mobile devices achieve higher click-through rates than desktops when it comes to UK paid search ads, according to a report from Marin Software.

The data looks at how different devices performed during 2012, with smartphones achieving the highest CTR at 5.87%, compared to 3.93% on tablet and 2.29% on desktop.

And though the same is true of the Eurozone, the difference is less pronounced – smartphones achieved a CTR of 4.78%, compared to 4.48% on tablet and 3.1% on desktop.

The findings come from Marin’s new report that looks at how smartphones and tablets are changing paid search.

Google Shopping ads see increase in clicks and impressions during 2012: report

On 13 February Google Shopping will transition from a free to a paid for service that is only available to Product Listing Ad customers.

The service moved to a commercial model in the US in October, causing some annoyance among merchants who had been enjoying the free extra traffic that Google Shopping brings.

But new research from Marin Software suggests that advertisers who have launched PLA campaigns in the US have achieved a great deal of success.

More than 100,000 retailers had inventory in Google Shopping by the end of September 2012 and reaped the rewards during the holiday season.