Mobile search accounts for 13% of spend but 20% of clicks

 UK advertisers are responding to the consumer shift towards mobile and tablets by investing in mobile search.

Data from Marin Software’s Online Advertising Q2 2012 report show that mobile devices accounted for 13% of search spend in June 2012, yet took a 20% share of clicks.

This tallies with data from IgnitionOne which shows that mobile search made up 14% of total search advertising spend in Q2, up slightly from 12.3% in Q1.

Similarly, Q1 stats reported by Adobe show that mobile now accounts for 8% of US search spend compared to 11% in the UK.

Mobile accounted for 12% of December’s paid search clicks in the UK

Mobiles and tablets accounted for 12% of all paid search clicks in the UK during December, according to new data from Marin Software.

This represents a 49% increase in click share as a percentage of the total since October.

The Quarterly UK Online Advertising Report found that, over the same period, spend share of mobile and tablet devices increased by 29% to a 7.5% share of overall search spend.