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UK creative industries make £8m an hour

By 2025 the UK will become the global ‘creative services hub’, according to the predictions of the Creative Industries Council.

Currently £8m an hour is generated by the sector that includes advertising, marketing, design and publishing, as well as architecture, arts, craft, fashion, games, music, and TV and film.

To promote the UK creative industries on a global stage, a new website has also been launched.

The website is part of industry and Government efforts to create a unified approach towards, amongst other things, digital infrastructure. 

British success stories such as Burberry, enjoying a renaissance through design and advertising, are highlighted, with the Creative Industries Council hoping that 2014 will be a ‘year of creativity’, with UK creative industries taking centre stage globally.

I thought I’d round up some facts and figures from the new website about the growing importance of creative to the UK economy.