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Digital marketing drives increase in Q2 ad budgets: report

Digital marketing proved to be the driving force behind a boost in Q2 ad budgets, according to a new IPA Bellwether Report.

Overall UK marketing budgets were increased in Q2 2013, with 22% of companies indicating an upward revision in the latest survey compared to 15% that had scaled back spending. The resulting net balance of +7.3% is the highest since Q3 2007.

One of the key factors in this increase was what the report rather broadly refers to as ‘the internet’. A net balance of +17.4% of companies indicated that internet-related marketing budgets had been increased, up form +8.9% in Q1.

How much is the BBC spending on digital marketing?

By keeping its SEO in-house, and making the most of Twitter feeds, the BBC has kept its digital marketing spending to just over £1.6m last year, which is surprising considering the size of the organisation. 

A freedom of information request asked how much the BBC spent on digital marketing between 2009 and 2010, and which online marketing methods the corporation uses, and the answers are intriguing…