Marta Kagan

Q&A: Marta Kagan on WTF is and isn’t social media

A lot of people claim to be social media experts, but Marta Kagan actually knows what she’s talking about.

Kagan is a self-confessed start-up junkie who currently heads up the Boston office of integrated marketing agency Espresso. Her slideshow, “What the F**k Is Social Media?” was a social media hit a year ago, and the follow up — What the F**k is Social Media: One Year Later — has been shared even more widely. (Our editor Chris Lake did a riff on what social media can’t do for brands here over the summer.)

I spoke with Marta about what the fuck is and isn’t social media today. And whether social media can cure cancer.

What the f**k is social media? [one year on]

Last month I collated a list of 10 excellent Slidehare presentations on social
, including Marta Kagan’s ‘What The F**k Is Social Media?’.

Marta has since updated her slideshow, which is now called ‘What The
F**k Is Social Media: One Year Later’. It is packed full of facts and
figures, as well as recommendations, just like the original. Some of the numbers are pretty staggering.

All in all it’s very helpful if you want to convince the boss about an investment into this space.