Marvel Comics

Q&A: Adri Cowan, social media manager at Marvel

How can a 75 year-old company, whose very business is completely ingrained in traditional print media, remain relevant and engage with its audience in the digital age?

I asked this question last month in How does Marvel Comics use social media?

Marvel has played a huge part in the push to build a bridge between print and digital content since mid-2012, through innovative app design and comprehensive online and offline access to its brand new and vintage comics.

Marvel has also shown incredible skill in rebuilding its own brand through the expert creation of content and marketing this huge amount of content online, through its various and well-tailored social media channels.

At the helm of all of Marvel’s social media activity is Adri Cowan, who I talked to today about her role within the company, Marvel’s social strategy and its plans for the future.

Marvel attempts to turn digital customers into print collectors

While most publishers are trying to turn print customers and into digital ones, Marvel has announced a scheme that aims to do the reverse.

Hot on the heels of an update to its mobile apps, Marvel Comics has launched a digital coupon campaign that will email a link to a print-only voucher worth $5 to each customer that purchases a digital edition, including a link to their nearest comic shop.