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Mobile sites and affiliate tracking: the stats

With consumer behaviour and shopping habits continually evolving, coupled with the increase in smartphone penetration, more and more consumers are accessing the internet through mobile devices.

This is something that we have been monitoring closely at Affiliate Window for the past 18 months. Back in December 2010 we saw traffic through mobile devices account for 2.4% of all network traffic and 1.7% of all sales.

Fast forward to March 2012 and these figures have grown considerably with 10% of traffic and 6.6% of sales coming through mobile devices.

The rise of mobile in affiliate marketing

With 51% of mobile users in the UK having already interacted with
, there is significant opportunity for
advertisers who embrace the channel.

Previously, I investigated the development of mobile commerce through the affiliate channel, analysing the data for the first quarter of 2011.

As we enter the third quarter, it provides an opportunity to study the growth trends demonstrated throughout the second quarter.

Five tips for running a successful lead-based affiliate campaign

The affiliate channel has always offered advertisers the opportunity to
deliver large volumes of leads; the challenge remains both assessing
the value and assigning an appropriate reward for those leads.

Here are
five tips for advertisers to help them to run a successful lead-based affiliate