media value

Revealed: the secret to social media marketing success

When JetBlue wanted to celebrate its 10th anniversary, it decided to
sell a limited number of tickets for $10. That’s a tall order, so for
help with the difficult task of convincing consumers to buy $10 airline
tickets, it turned to TBG, a London-based digital agency that
specializes in Facebook marketing.

The result: JetBlue saw amassive
response from TBG’s Facebook ad buy, revealing the secret of social
media success.

That secret: giving away stuff for free or at a significant discount is a great way to ‘engage‘ consumers on social networks.

Uh oh. ‘Media value’ makes its way to social media

Social media. ROI. They often seem like two pieces from two different puzzles. And for good reason: it can be hard to quantify the value delivered by a single ‘friend‘ or human interaction.

But for major brands, figuring out the ROI of a social media initiative is something that realistically has to be done if social media is to prove itself worthy of larger investment.