Mega Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday stats bonanza: just how much did we buy online?

Along with a number of genuine national holidays, the end of November and beginning of December are a time for consumers to enjoy a time of frantic spending as we commemorate fictional occasions created by retailers to help make a few extra sales.

These special shopping days always have awful buzzword names that initially mean very little to anyone outside of the marketing industry, but eventually come to be used in every day conversation due to the good work of PRs and the national media.

Off the back of Thanksgiving we’ve just enjoyed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which heralded the usual surge in online spending and unseemly squabbling in stores.

And here are some interesting stats detailing just how much was spent during the annual sales bonanza…

Peak period lessons from Cyber Monday

Mega Monday, Cyber Monday, the day for flurried transactions, huge site traffic and flash sales. Whatever you call it, the much-discussed day has passed with a significant boost for online retailers. 

The results for the 2012 holiday season have, so far, been promising. Retailers on our platform saw this Sunday nudge Cyber Monday off the top online shopping day spot as far as revenue is concerned, but both days performed exceptionally well. 

Mega Monday: e-commerce stats round up

The first weekend in December is traditionally one of the busiest online shopping days of the year, as the looming reality of Christmas suddenly comes into focus and consumers feel flush with cash having just been paid.

Ebay predicted that Sunday would be the busiest online shopping day of 2012 and was expecting around 6m visits to its website.

To put this in context, eBay normally receives around 17m unique visitors per month.

And the retailer wasn’t alone in predicting a surge in online shopping over the weekend – Experian Hitwise suggested that Monday would see 115m visits to UK retail websites, an uplift of 36% from 2011.

Online retailers prepare for ‘Mega Monday’

Retailers are predicting that today will be the biggest online shopping day of the year as consumers ramp up their Christmas spending.

Visa, which labelled the annual shopping event ‘Mega Monday’, is expecting £303m to be spent online in the UK using its cards.

This equates to £3,500 per second, a 12% increase on 2010.