Met Office

A mud bath at Glastonbury Festival is bad news for all except the Met Office

Glastonbury Festival is the greatest place in the world, where time stands still, everyone is friendly, there are endless spectacles to keep you entertained, and cider flows like water.

It has also secured a special place in the heart of the UK public, assuming the role of national institution thanks in no small part to the BBC’s annual blanket coverage.

So it’s no surprise that marketers try to associate their brands with the event, producing reams of content aimed at bringing in traffic and boosting search visibility.

Festival fashion is an obvious example, but the UK’s erratic weather has also become synonymous with Glastonbury Festival as it’s common for unseasonal rainstorms to turn the site into a mud bath.

So it’s a natural fit for the UK’s Met Office to produce Glastonbury-related weather content as part of its annual events planner.

The content pages are now the fastest growing area of the Met Office’s site, so to find out more I spoke to head of digital Simon Swan.

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