Singapore engages commuter passengers to be kinder to each other

Corny or admirable? You can either think that the new Singapore Land Transport Authority (SLTA) campaign is the corniest thing you have ever seen or admire the ambition in this cynical world to communicate thoughtfulness amongst commuters.

Singapore is not short of campaigns that promote kindness, graciousness or thoughtfulness.

We even have a Singapore Kindness Society, though its recent attempt to sell half price coffee to promote its cause backfired on social media.

AOL bets the farm on responsive design

With publishers serving more and more of their audience through mobile and tablet devices, it’s no surprise that responsive designs are growing in popularity.

From the BBC and Guardian to Metro and Express & Star, the number of publishers jumping on the responsive design bandwagon is growing rapidly and for good reason: there’s a lot to like about responsive design and done right, it’s pretty compelling.