Michelle Phan

Is Amazon’s Style Code Live this generation’s answer to the TV shopping channel?

The idea of sitting in front of a television to discover and purchase products might seem like a bizarre concept to many young consumers.

But the world’s 800-pound online retail gorilla could bring the home shopping channel into the 21st century with the launch of Style Code Live, a live 30-minute show that it is now streaming daily Monday through Friday.

Further advice on YouTube strategy for brands

Even after seven years of YouTube’s existence, brands still aren’t making much of a dent in the ‘YouTube 5,000’, an elite group of channels with at least 43m views each.

Theoretically brands have a much greater advantage than your average YouTuber as they have more money to produce content, however according to Touchstorm’s latest study, The Touchstorm Video Index, only 74 of the YouTube 5,000 channels are from brands.

In November 2013 I took a look at YouTube strategy for brands. I revealed some surprises from the research, and recommended some guidance on how brands can improve their YouTube reach.

Yesterday I talked to the SVP of marketing and production at Touchstorm, Sean Womack, about the topic, and he offered the following advice for brands.