Charity and digital marketing: raising money on a budget

At the end of August, ahead of the Vuelta a España, Spain’s national cycling tournament, we decided to do a virtual bike ride for charity.

The plan was to cycle the distance from our London headquarters to our Spanish office. The 1,718km bike ride would take place over five days on two exercise bikes situated in our home in Tech City, with the challenge of raising £1,000.

We estimated that for us to hit our target, we had to have both bikes in use for eight hours a day. The challenge was set. Pre-competition donations were slow and we needed to come up with an idea of how to increase sponsorships and promote the event.

Our marketing team were tasked with increasing visibility of the event, driving engagement and, importantly, raising donations… with just one catch – while everybody bought into the great initiative, this was still something that needed to be fit in around our day-to-day work.

Seasonal search: how to do it right

Seasons and
events in the UK
and the world over have developed an increasing importance for brands and
marketers in appealing to consumers. One only has to look at the impact of
occasions such as Valentine’s Day to see how lucrative an event can be for a

Search offers brands a potentially engaging way to capitalise upon this,
which may not be as hard as you think. The initial
groundwork of a seasonal paid search campaign must be rooted firmly in the website
in question.

Depending on the brand, there are two potential options to pursue…