The MLB’s approach to digital: More screens, more revenue.

When talk of highly profitable digital businesses comes up these days, 100-year-old sports companies don’t normally get mentioned. But there is at least one sports institution that has made a killing in digital: Major League Baseball.

Back in 2000, the MLB solicited $1 million from each team in the league to jumpstart its foray into digital. Two and a half years later, they no longer needed that help. Today Major League Baseball Advanced Media brings in $500 million annually. How did they do it? By putting as much content on as many screens as possible.

Advertising malware is on the rise

The tough economy has led to an uptick in advertising experimentation online, but one thing that publishers have not approved is also on the rise — ads imbedded with malware.

Websites have long taken to selling their advertising through a number
of different strategies, including but not limited to in house salesmen,
ad networks and exchanges. But the diverse and varied nature of online ad selling has its own set of
concerns for publishers, now including the threat of viruses.