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Will the Droid X be Verizon’s iPhone?

The iPhone, despite the recent unwanted attention, is still arguably the most desirable smartphone in the world. But in the United States, the mobile carrier the iPhone is exclusive to, AT&T, is far from the most popular carrier.

It has been hampered by complaints about network quality, and while many argue that AT&T simply needs to invest more in its network, others argue that AT&T is the victim of the iPhone.

24 mobile carriers team up to take on Apple

On the surface, it seems like an unfair fight — 24 on one. But that’s what it might take some of world’s biggest mobile carriers if they hope to defeat the reigning king of mobile app distribution, Apple.

The carriers have banded together to create the ‘Wholesale Applications
‘. The goal: make it possible for developers to build
applications that work across handsets and carriers. The 24 carriers
participating in the Wholesale Applications Community have three
billion subscribers combined, and the initiative is also receiving
support from the GSMA, which is made up of handset manufacturers LG
Electronics, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.