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10 of the world’s best mobile commerce checkouts

We’ve previously highlighted 11 great ecommerce checkouts, and now it’s time to see which brands have managed to create top notch, user-friendly mobile checkouts.

Given the disparity between conversion rates on desktop compared to mobile, it’s perhaps understandable that retailers might put more effort into optimising their desktop checkout.

However as mobile conversions are so hard to come by, you really need to make their purchase journey as comfortable as possible. 

These are by no means the very finest mobile checkouts in the world, and I’d actually be interested to read your nominations should you wish to add them in the comments section.

But these retailers have proved to be better than most when it comes to mobile checkout design.

Firstly, here are the criteria I look for…

How to deliver a seamless mobile checkout experience

As mobile devices are becoming more accessible to a wider demographic of consumers and as mobile shoppers are becoming more confident, we’re seeing steady growth in the amount of people making purchases on their smartphones and tablets. 

However, conversion rates lag behind those on other devices, and the checkout can be one of the biggest barriers to mobile commerce.

Mobile checkouts: how user-friendly are the top 10 US retailers?

An effective, user-friendly mobile checkout requires a fine balance, as retailers need to present all the necessary information to encourage a sale without cluttering the pages and making them difficult to navigate.

In my experience the best mobile checkouts tend to be those that have stripped out any unnecessary information and data fields so customers can make a purchase as quickly as possible.

In the early days of m-commerce retailers presented mobile users with a version of their desktop checkout, so fields were too small and CTAs were difficult to click.

Times have thankfully changed, but I thought it would be interesting to see how the top US retailers have designed their mobile checkouts to see how user-friendly they are.

Here’s a quick recap of the criteria I evaluated using my Android smartphone…

Mobile checkouts: which of the top 20 retailers have upgraded in the past year?

This time last year I looked at the mobile sites for the UK’s top 20 retailers to see which offered the best checkout process.

I found that there were a number of common flaws, such as forced registration, but in general the standard was quite high.

However I was also surprised to see that eight of the retailers were still relying on desktop sites. 

As 12 months has now passed I thought it would be interesting to see whether the situation had changed at all and find out which retailers have made an effort to upgrade their sites.

Retailers still need to work on checkout processes: study

While many retailers have worked hard on checkout optimisation over the last few years, there are still plenty of sites making relatively basic mistakes. 

The eChannel Retail Benchmark from eDigital looks at retailers across three channels, and finds that the checkout and purchase process receives the lowest average scores. 

One common factor for those retailers with the lowest scores was compulsory registration, especially for mobile sites and apps. 

I’ve been looking at some of the best and worst performers in this area…

Is really the best mobile commerce website?

I’ve been reading a mobile commerce benchmark study from eDigital which, based on a mystery shopper survey puts as the best mobile commerce website. 

The results are interesting, as it suggests that some users would prefer to view a company’s standard website on a mobile, rather than a mobile version which is meant to be more user-friendly. It also seems that shoppers want the same experience, regardless of the platform. 

Marks & Spencer moves into mobile commerce

Marks & Spencer has just made its first move into mobile commerce, and unlike some other UK retailers, it has opted for a mobile website rather than an app. 

M&S says this is a ‘major step forward in mobile retailing’, a move which will change the mobile retail landscape. 

I’ve been trying the new site out (on an iPhone), and though it’s generally impressive, M&S may want to make a few changes to make the checkout smoother…