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Mobile checkouts: top 10 US retailers reviewed

There are now more than 100m smartphone owners in the US according to comScore, which accounts for one in every three Americans.

Almost half (48%) of those smartphones use Android, so it’s important that retailers are able to offer a mobile checkout that caters to this market.

Above all else mobile shoppers want simplicity and speed, so checkout processes need to be a frictionless as possible.

I recently reviewed the top UK retailers’ mobile checkouts and found that in general most adhered to best practice, but how do the top 10 US retailers stack up?

Mobile checkouts: top 20 online retailers reviewed

As the smartphone penetration rate creeps above 50% in the UK, a mobile-optimised site is now a necessity for retailers.

A majority of major brands now have a mobile offering, but often they make simple design mistakes that put customers off making a purchase.

The checkout process on mobile can be a major barrier to purchase, and many mobile sites could improve on this. 

To find out which retailers are doing most to optimise mobile checkouts, I evaluated the top 20 online retailers’ checkouts using an Android smartphone.