mobile commerce compendium

Exclusive offers and in-app purchasing most important features for mobile apps: report

Back in the early days of mobile commerce there was frequent debate over whether businesses should opt for a mobile site or a mobile app.

Fortunately most businesses and marketers now realise that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and that the two platforms aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

However we do occasionally still see businesses launching apps without properly considering the functionality that will be most appealing and useful to their customers.

Data from our new Mobile Commerce Compendium shows that, more than anything else, consumers want to be rewarded with exclusive offers if they download a retail app, with 38% of respondents selecting this as an important feature for smartphone apps.

49% of smartphone users have made a purchase in the past six months

Email and search are the most popular smartphone activities behind making phone calls, according to data included in our new Mobile Commerce Compendium.

When asked which tasks they had carried out in the past week, three-quarters of smartphone owners (74%) said email while just over two-thirds (67%) said search.

This again highlights the importance of mobile search, which is predicted to overtake desktop search next year, and shows that brands can no longer afford to ignore the opportunity it presents.