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Eight brilliant mobile product pages

There is no exact template for designing mobile product pages as the small screen size means its up to each retailer to work out which features are most important for their customers.

On an ecommerce site you can afford to squeeze in almost any feature you want but on a smartphone you need to be more selective.

Even so there are a number of tools and functions that nearly all mobile sites should include, mainly because users expect to see them so leaving them out will damage the UX.

So with this in mind, here are eight examples of great mobile commerce product pages. All of them have flaws but also have features that are worth considering for your own mobile site.

Five of the best… mobile product pages

Designing attractive, usable mobile product pages is a fine art that many sites still struggle with.

I feel that responsive design has been a brilliant agent for change in mobile design because it has forced people to strive for simplicity, as pages need to be usable across multiple devices.

And with this in mind, I thought I’d highlight five of my favourite mobile product pages, with examples coming from apps as well as mobile sites.

In all honesty the criteria for making the top five list are quite woolly, but essentially they’re the product pages that I think offer the best aesthetics and usability.

Personally I like mobile sites to have giant images so I don’t have to squint, as well as massive buttons to make navigation easy.