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Six ways mobile can ease traveler stress and increase bookings

We’ve all been there. It’s the day of travel and you’re scrambling to get to the airport. Tempers are high, boarding passes are scattered, your arms are already sore from lugging that heavy suitcase down the stairs.

But traveler anxiety starts well before the big day, stretching back to the initial stages of the planning process.

During each unique stage of the mobile journey, travelers experience changes in their mindset and behaviors, requiring brands to take a closer look at how to close the gap between what users want and what they are offering on mobile.

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Mobile will be a driving force in the travel industry for 2015

By 2017 more than 30% of online travel bookings by value will be made on mobile devices, according to Euromonitor.

In part, this will be the result of online travel companies making their apps more appealing by adding location services that help travellers find the nearest rooms and restaurants. 

According to new research from BuzzCity about today’s connected traveller, holiday booking habits have also changed noticeably.

There has been a 50% increase in mobile use across business and leisure travellers, with 30% relying purely on their mobiles to make last minute bookings.