Could “the next big thing” be a Baby Boomer creation?

When you hear the word startup, chances are images of twenty-somethings hacking away at Macs in a loft office with an open floor plan spring to mind. And for good reason: head to sunny California, home to Silicon Valley and some of the today’s prominent internet startups, and you’re bound to find that a lot of startups do look something like this.

But that doesn’t mean that one should jump to the conclusion that Gen-Y is the generation with the greatest entrepreneurial spirit. According to a new survey released today by and Millennial Branding, members of Gen-X and the Baby Boomer generation actually consider themselves to be more entrepreneurial than their younger siblings and children. Social networking may fail, but obits are booming

With advertising revenue taking a nosedive, many online startups are shifting their business models. But it’s not often that such changes are as tied up in the issue of mortality as with the creation of

This weekend profiled Jeff Taylor, the founder of job classifieds site Since leaving Monster, Taylor created a social networking site for boomers called. Eons Inc. But as the economic winds have shifted, Taylor has moved the focus of his company from lifestyles of the 50-something set to an online obituaries desitination called As if baby boomers didn’t already have enough trouble contemplating their imminent demise.