Unfortunately for Rupert Murdoch, he can’t make his competitors charge for content

Rupert Murdoch is forging ahead with his plan to charge for all News Corp. digital content. But he revealed this week that he’s not above a little collusion in his industry. During a National Press Club interview at George Washington University, Murdoch explained that consumers will gladly pay for newspaper content:

“When they have got nowhere else to go.”

Too bad for Murdoch that he can’t control the prices of his competitors.

Murdoch CAN charge for content online, but can anyone else?

Commentators have queued up to tell Rupert Murdoch that his plan to
charge for online content is wrong. But I think it’s obvious that he
can charge.

Murdoch’s got the will to charge, access to value-add content, and has
a lot of experience selling subscription products in the UK. The question is not whether he can charge – it’s whether his competitors can match his content and experience.