Nectar MD, Will Shuckburgh, on loyalty in a mobile-first world

Loyalty business Nectar provides an interesting case study for the state of marketing and retail in 2016.

The company was transformed in 2015 when it replatformed all of its consumer-facing channels to make them mobile first and digital, with its app now the subject of a major TV ad campaign.

I spoke to Nectar’s MD, Will Shuckburgh, to get his thoughts on loyalty and marketing in a newly customer-centric world.

Q&A: David Buckingham on Nectar and Yahoo’s ad targeting scheme

Yahoo recently announced a partnership with Nectar for Consumer Connect, a program which aims to use offline purchase data to target online advertising more effectively. 

David Buckingham is Commercial Director at Loyalty Management Group, the company which runs the Nectar card scheme. I’ve been talking to David about how the scheme works, and how he hopes that it will convince more FMCG brands to advertise online.