What do search marketers think of Enhanced Campaigns?

Back in February Google announced that it was overhauling the way AdWords worked with the rollout of Enhanced Campaigns.

It’s a catchy name that makes the new system sound like an upgrade on the old model, however there was some disquiet among paid search marketers as Google has essentially removed the ability to run PPC campaigns targeting specific devices.

After an initial grace period Google finally forced everyone to begin using the new system in July, and you can find out more about the switchover in our Enhanced Campaigns migration checklist.

To get further insight about the perceived impact of Enhanced Campaigns, we asked more than 500 search marketers for their opinion of the switchover as part of the new Econsultancy/NetBooster UK Search Engine Benchmark Report 2013.

51% of agencies say Google+ has no impact on search campaigns: report

Every now and then a report is published that suggests people are slowly coming round to the idea of using Google+, however the reality is that it is still a long, long way behind Facebook in terms of active users and average time spent on the site.

Also, I recently looked at how major retailers use Google+ and it’s clear that they don’t have a very high opinion of the network.

But there’s still a nagging sense that businesses can’t afford to totally ignore G+, as there’s a chance that in the long term it will have an increasing influence on search rankings.

Given this discussion, the use of G+ was explored in the new Econsultancy/NetBooster UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report 2013. It revealed some striking differences between client-side and agency responses over the perceived impact of G+.