CPM is dead: a guide to viewability in online advertising

We are all exposed to display and video advertising and we all have a view on its efficacy.

In this post I’m going to take a beginner’s look at measurement in display and video advertising and ask if advertisers are finally getting a good (read ‘transparent’) deal.

How is improved measurement across display advertising changing the nature of the web? Will it start to feel lighter on ads as advertisers demand their ads are not just served but viewed by a human being?

What are the standards for viewability and if the networks are adopting them, is this the death of the impression?

Social media: where PR becomes ‘customer care’

AT&T has a lucrative exclusive for the iPhone in the United States.
But that has proven to be a double-edged sword. While the iPhone has
helped AT&T acquire lots and lots of customers, it has also
strained the company’s network. Regardless of whether or not that’s
entirely AT&T’s fault, network issues have led to a significant
number of unhappy customers.

Improving its image is a top priority for the company. But how should it go about that?