new business

New business trends in 2014 and predictions for 2015

A lot seems to have happened in 2014 but at the same time it has flown by and I can’t believe it’s 2015 already.

It feels like the decade has only just begun but we’re already almost halfway through.

The end of year break gives time to re-charge your batteries and make sense of the last 12 months and plan for the coming year, and what better time to write a bit about it.

Selling your agency’s services is like making love to a beautiful woman…

Anyone familiar with the brilliant sketch show, The Fast Show, will know used car dealer Swiss Toni. He compared everything to “making love to a beautiful woman” especially selling….cars in his case.

Although a fan of Swiss Toni, I tend to disagree with his New Business philosophy. The smooth salesman façade is thankfully rather dated and there are a lot more….well, nicer ways of developing partnerships with clients.

This blog post will discuss a few things I’ve learnt over the years.

Agency creds: they’re all as bad as each other

Decision-makers at companies you covet aren’t interested in dancing around the matter in hand. If you want a brief, ask for it. If you want to meet them to show them what you’ll do, ask for that.

Selling is about questions, not statements. It’s about being interested, not just interesting.

Okay, agency credentials aren’t all terrible, but I’ll stick my neck out: most of them are pretty bad. Worse than that, they look just like the other set of bad credentials that your prospect received.

Fix one of those and you can stand out. Fix both and you’ll get a higher response rate from your new business endeavours very quickly.