Sandwiches, soda, and sports climb the Social Business Index

As if anticipating items we’ll find on coffee tables in living rooms across the country this Super Bowl Sunday, last week’s Social Business Index featured climbs from sandwich, soda, and sports brands: Subway, Dr. Pepper, and the NHL.

The index, produced by The Dachis Group, offers a real-time performance ranking of 30,000+ multinationals in social. Each week we take a look at the top twenty listings and call out those that made moves worth noting. 

Case study: Tweetups took the NHL national in 2009

The Superbowl is fast approaching, and the annual outpouring of fan and advertiser support serves as a source of inspiration and  envy for many other sports brands. Few people ignore the final game of the NFL season just because their team didn’t make it past the playodffs. But that’s an issue the National Hockey League has long been facing.

The hockey league has many devoted local fans, but getting them to care about the hockey season after their teams get kicked out of the final games has been an ongoing challenge. Last year, in the leadup to the playoffs, the NHL took to Twitter to rectify that situation.