Knowledge, due diligence are the keys to using the cloud

From infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) all the way up to software-as-a-service (SaaS), more and more companies are heading into the cloud.

There are plenty of good reasons. Using a cloud offering can often reduce a company’s technology capex, and pay-as-you-go pricing is an attractive proposition for companies burned in the past by large, expensive technology initiatives.

Lady Gaga-backed Backplane raises funding, goes on shopping spree

Facebook may be the world’s dominant social network, but a number of high-profile investors are betting that there’s room for platform players in the space.

Backplane describes itself as a “start-up uniting people around interests, affinities and movements”, but it’s best-known for running Lady Gaga’s, which is in private beta.

Paid Content: Ning takes the free out of its freemium service

In alll the talk about paid content online, the word freemium comes up a lot. In theory, freemium allows consumers to get a taste of a product for free and then eventually converts them into paid customers once they get hooked and demand more services. But it’s not always so easy.

In the case of social networking platform Ning, the freemium model was putting them out of business. Starting in June, Ning went all in on premium. The result? More people are paying to use Ning. But whether that’s sustainable is another story.

Can Posterous be all things to all people? It’s trying

Posterous, the “dead simple place to post everything“, has won a lot of praise for building an easy-to-use publishing platform. And it’s so confident that users of other platforms will like it that it recently launched a campaign that is enabling users of other platforms to migrate their content over to Posterous.

Tomorrow, Posterous will set its sights on perhaps the juiciest target in the blogosphere: WordPress. WordPress, of course, is the popular open source blogging platform/content management system. And, which is the hosted solution offered by WordPress parent Automattic, hosts millions of blogs.

Is ‘free’ finally falling out of favor?

Back in 2008, online social networking startup Ning couldn’t give
away free, hosted social networks fast enough.

The company, which was co-founded by Marc Andreessen of Netscape fame,
reportedly estimated that by New Year’s Eve 2010, it would host approximately 4m
social networks. Social networks which would produce billions of daily
page views for the startup. Ning’s projected trajectory excited
investors so much that they invested more than $100m in the company.

Roll your own social network using WordPress

If the social network is the next message board, the social network has been waiting for its phpBB or vBulletin; the software that would give thousands upon thousands of people the ability to easily set up their own social networks.

Now the social networking market may have that. WordPress, the most popular open-source blogging platform, can now be turned into a fully-fledged social network.