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Announcing our new #TheDigitals SuperStar of the Week: @SilverBean

https://assets.econsultancy.com/images/resized/0002/9995/the-digitals-superstar-badge-week-6-blog-third.pngIt’s been a long, hard race to the finish, but today @SilverBean have nosed past the post to become our sixth #TheDigitals SuperStar of the week! 

Congratulations Silverbean! We’ve seen them sharing some great content over the past few weeks so it’s a well-deserved win. As promised, Silverbean have won a place on our international judging panel for The Digitals.

Together with our other judges, they’ll be helping us decide what campaigns, products and services really deserve recognition for advancing the digital landscape. If you or your client have worked on something that you’re really proud of then don’t keep it to yourself, get your entry in by March 13th to be sure of a crack at fame and glory! 

Congratulations to our newest #TheDigitals Superstar: @Silverbean

https://assets.econsultancy.com/images/resized/0002/9681/the-digitals-superstar-badge-week-5-blog-half.pngWell done this week to our latest Digital Superstars – Silverbean. 

Silverbean is a search marketing and digital agency specialising in SEO & Social Media, PPC, CRO and Affiliate Program Management, and they’ve been rocking the hashtag all week, congratulations guys! 

Find out more about this week’s winners on their site: http://www.silverbean.com/

There’s been lots more action around the #TheDigitals hashtag this week, and we’ve welcomed a number of new faces to the top twenty, quite a feat when you remember we now have over 7,000 people battling it out for the chance to be on the judging panel for The Digitals Awards. 

Over the past seven days you’ve really upped your game, and we’ve seen some fantastic links to innovative, exciting and just plain useful stuff that’s helping define the digital marketing landscape. 

Of course, #TheDigitals leaderboard is all about sharing great content, so here are a few useful links that we saw pop up…

Announcing our latest #TheDigitals SuperStar of the week!

https://assets.econsultancy.com/images/resized/0002/9394/the-digitals-superstar-badge-week-4-blog-third.pngWe’ve just finished updating #TheDigitals leaderboard and we’ve found that @Danbarker is STILL topping the charts!

Well done to Dan, who’s managed to keep up a steady flow of content all week, sharing and creating knowledge about the digital landscape, and staying on top of some very tough competition! 

There’s been some great action on the board this week – let’s look at some of the new faces and new changes…

Congratulations to @DanBarker – our reigning #TheDigitals superstar of the week : Who will be next?

https://assets.econsultancy.com/images/resized/0002/9139/the-digitals-superstar-badge-week-3-blog-third.pngIt’s been yet another busy week on #TheDigitals leaderboard, with over 6,000 of you tweeting and sharing some amazing content that you think is worthy of an illustrious Digital award. Thanks for all your tweets and contributions, we’re really building up a huge library of outstanding digital content. 

The familiar face of @DanBarker is still sitting proudly at the top of the board for a second week, managing to clock up an astounding 210 mentions in the last week! Well done again Dan – influence in action! 

So the question is: Who can knock him off the top spot and be our next Digital Superstar? 

Congratulations to our second #TheDigitals superstar of the week: @DanBarker


It’s been a riotous week on #TheDigitals leaderboard, with nefarious ReTweet covenants being struck, random hashtagging explosions and even a bit of cold hard cash being thrown around as various parties try their best to scale to the dizzy heights of superstar of the week! 

In the end though there can be only one, so this week we’re congratulating web and online marketing whizz (and occasional Econsultancy guest blogger) Dan Barker – Well done Dan! 

Presenting our first #TheDigitals superstar of the week: @WillPScott

https://assets.econsultancy.com/images/resized/0002/8560/the-digitals-superstar-badge-week-1-blog-third.pngCongratulations to our very first #TheDigitals Super Star of the Week: @WillPScott! 

In his own words, Will is a “Self confessed geek, working in online/social media” and has certainly worked his social to acheive this lofty and much-coveted position by being an all-star social sharer this week, promoting the biggest and best awards in Digital to his followers and creating genuine engagement (that means no hashtag spamming, plenty or ReTweets and genuine mentions).

Congratulations Will! 

Want to be a future superstar? Read on…

#TheDigitals Leaderboard: Get involved and help judge the biggest awards in digital

https://assets.econsultancy.com/images/resized/0002/8488/thedigitals_2-blog-half.pngOver the past few days, you may have noticed #TheDigitals hashtag popping up regularly on Twitter. 

If you don’t know what The Digitals are then go find out now! (Don’t worry, we’ll wait)

We love it when people share our stuff, but there’s more to this than just an engaged audience; We’re running a leaderboard to help spread the word about the biggest, brightest awards in digital and we want your help! 

Of course, this is social media we’re talking about, so there has to be a prize right? You betcha there is…