Q&A: Matt Mansell of 123-reg on the new .uk domains

The recent decision by Nominet to forge ahead with the introduction of new .uk domains has not been met with widespread approval, to say the least. 

Nominet’s own consultations uncovered strong oppostion to the plans, but this was apparently not enough to force a rethink. 

I have made our opposition to the proposals very clear, but one conpany in favour of the planned .uk domians is 123-reg.

I’ve been asking Matt Mansell, Head of Domain Strategy at its parent company Host Europe Group about his views. 

Nominet ploughs ahead with .uk domains despite opposition

Nobody outside of the organisation seems to think this is a good idea, but Nominet is going ahead with the .uk domains anyway

As we have reported before, the plan for the new domains will force many online businesses to grab extra domains, thereby paying extra renewal fees and more. 

There are no convincing benefits for online businesses, though Nominet and its members look set to profit from the move

No matter though, as Nominet has announced that the new domains will be rolled out from summer 2014. 

Nominet stands to gain millions from .uk domains, but do businesses really need them?

I reported at the end of last year on Nominet’s controversial proposals for .uk domains, which were viewed with scepticism by many businesses. 

Nominet recently came back after a consultation process with modified proposals, but the big question still remains: are they actually necessary? 

The problem is that this move potentialy devalues domains, and will therefore force businesses to cough up for the .uk equivalent.  

And who benefits? Nominet, to the tune of £25m+…

Q&A: Nominet on the .uk domain proposals

Nominet’s recent proposals for a .uk extension for domain names have not been met with universal approval. 

There is much concern that the new domains will end up costing online businesses a lot of money with no obvious benefits to compensate. 

In an email Q&A, I put some of these concerns to Nominet’s Director of Marketing and Communications Phil Kingsland…

Is Nominet’s .uk proposal a tax on the digital economy?

Nominet, the UK’s (non-profit) governing body for domain names, announced proposals last month for a .uk extension for domain names. 

Nominet claims this will ‘support the economic growth of the UK internet’, but this view isn’t shared by many digital professionals, who see it as more of a shakedown which could cost UK business £50m per year.

As 93% of all UK domain names use, this has significant implications for the UK’s digital economy.