Four examples of digital activism: using art and digital to fight a cause

Is social media a good way to build an AIDS-free generation, raise philosophical questions, or inspire youngsters to learn and embrace more actions for positive change?

Sounds tricky, but there are projects out there that are pushing the awareness message in an unconventional way, helping the ambition to drive awareness go international.

Charitable giving emerges from the dust left behind by the rise of mobile

As mobile devices sweep the nation, non-profits are eager to invest in mobile friendly websites and apps that maximize their exposure to these new tech-friendly audiences.

According to the Charity Navigator, in 2011 a total of $298.42 billion was given to charities by Americans. Giving by individuals (not corporations) represented nearly 9 out of every 10 dollars donated in 2011.

Non-profit organizations continue to utilize traditional marketing methods to promote thier cause, but they are now embracing digital marketing and the opportunities to reach new donors on a global scale.