Nth Screen

Buy with Facebook?

Given the increasing pressure on Facebook’s leadership to come up with strategies that not only boost revenue but restore confidence in investors, it seems like there is no shortage of advice on how the company can better monetize their user base. 

One thing I haven’t seen, and I am going to adventure here, is developing a mechanism that allows Facebook users to make purchases on other websites, using their Facebook identity.

The first screen may not be the one you think

We may argue that we didn’t need studies to tell us that tablets are taking attention away from TV screens. In fact, before tablets and smartphones even existed, laptops were already gaining ground in the living room.

Today, the question is not whether we live in a multiscreen world or not, but which screen is the most valuable, the the bigger one or one getting the most attention from consumers? Is it possible that the data from those studies needs to be reinterpreted?