Slack, Yammer & Facebook: Who’ll win the collaboration battle?

No digital job advert is complete without mention of collaborative working; a skills shortage means businesses are finally fixing their broken windows.

Collaboration isn’t easy to engender. Let’s face it, people are nine-tenths of the problem. The other 10% is technology, something many tech startups and big beasts are tackling.

Here are three collaboration tools that are aiming to corner the market.

12 excellent ways to present ecommerce shipping information

The number one cause of cart abandonment is hidden delivery costs at the checkout.

A study conducted in 2013 by eDigitalResearch and IMRG, found that 77% of online shoppers have abandoned their basket in the past year, with 53% citing unacceptably high delivery costs as the main reason for bailing.

Q&A: Al Gerrie of Office on selling through eBay

For fashion retailers, eBay offers a potentially useful channel for them to sell clearance and end of season stock to a large user base. 

This is a tactic that brands have used in the past, and since the launch of its Fashion Outlet a year ago, eBay has attracted a number of high street brands. 

According to eBay, there are more than 4m searches for clothing and shoes every month, and retailers have sold 4.2m pairs of shoes and 4m dresses on its site over the past 12 months. 

One of the retailers using the Fashion Outlet is Office. I spoke to E-commerce manager Al Gerrie about selling on eBay…