Five tools to take real-time offline

It’s fitting that today is No Email Day since we all had a bit of practice after Monday’s Gmail outages and yesterday’s brief Facebook blip.  Several audible gasps were heard throughout Econsultancy’s offices and it serves as a reminder that today’s marketing and digital media culture is obsessed with being ‘always on.’ 

I was happy to keep plugging away in the browser on my email pitching for Econsultancy’s latest best practice guide because I have installed Gmail Offline, but how many people are aware of its Chrome extension? This got me thinking of the other tricks and tools I use when not connected to stay productive.

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New research: Cross-Channel Marketing Survey now live

In partnership with Responsys, Econsultancy has launched some new research for 2012, the Cross-Channel Marketing Survey, which looks at the cross-section of different online and offline channels, including integration with email, display advertising, mobile, plus much more. 

The research aims to benchmark trends within the market, and the launch of this brand-new survey reflects the growing necessity for companies to take an integrated approach to marketing and remove the organisational barriers that are holding them back. 

Nordstrom increases sales by merging inventory

Nordstrom has added a new tool to its well-regarded customer service efforts: a seamless connection between the company’s online and offline inventory. According to The New York Times:

“The change works this way: Say that a shopper was looking at a blue
Marc Jacobs handbag at She could see where it was
available at nearby stores, and reserve it for pickup the same day.”

It may seem like a no-brainer to allow customers to purchase any item sold by a single retailer. But the unusual thing about this story is that many traditional retailers aren’t already doing it. 

Six ways to effectively track offline sales

tracking-offline-transactionsWhile we often debate how effectively we can track ROI online, it’s
occasionally worth stepping back and remembering that the ability to
track transactions and engagement points online is actually a 

In the offline domain the ability to effectively track ads and effectiveness can
be severely limited. How do you know if your billboard campaign is

Here’s a few ways to track what customers are up to
when they’re off the grid.

Forrester: Traditional agencies can’t do digital

Advertising agencies may be shifting toward becoming one stop shops for online and offline advertising needs, but marketers aren’t buying just yet. According to a new study from Forrester, only 23% of digital marketers think that traditional shops are capable of executing interactive marketing.

But digital shops aren’t taking over the world just yet. According to the study, interactive marketers aren’t ready to put their whole brand in the hands of digital agencies. Forrester says there is a “great race” going on between digital and traditional agencies to win the accounts and confidence of major brands. But the idea that there can be a one-stop-shop for all advertising needs may be wishful thinking as goals and channels diversify.

Inflexible high street retailers lose sales due to rigid trading hours

HMV says NO ENTRY; image thanks to zappowbang via FlickrIn the past two weeks I have twice been prevented from entering two different HMV stores on the high street. And not because I’m a known kleptomaniac, but because of the retailer’s lack of flexibility.

On both occasions I rocked up about five minutes before the store was due to close, so I knew I was pushing it. But I also knew exactly what I wanted, and I could see dozens of people milling about inside. 

Despite this, the security guards on the door wouldn’t let me in. Rules is rules!