Olivier Ropars

eBay: we expect to take over $20bn through mobile in 2013

‘Market leader’ is a banned phrase at Econsultancy and for good reason, but unfortunately it’s also one of the only ways I can think of describing eBay when it comes to mobile.

The company expected to make $10bn in mobile revenues in 2012 and recent figures showed that its app has been downloaded by a whopping 43% of Android users.

Ebay has also held several high profile demonstrations of mobile shopping in London and been a prominent campaigner for improved 4G access in Europe.

I caught up with eBay’s senior director for mobile commerce Olivier Ropars to see what the company has planned for 2013…

Q&A: eBay’s Olivier Ropars on m-commerce

If you were to think of the five companies that are making the most of m-commerce, eBay would certainly be near the top of that list.

The auction site was on track to generate $5bn of revenue through its mobile platform in 2011, and is constantly seeking to innovate through its range of apps. Today it announced that its barcode scanning app, RedLaser, has been downloaded more than 2m times in the UK.

But what does the future hold, and how does eBay plan to grow its m-commerce revenues in 2012?

To find out we talked to eBay’s senior director of mobile commerce in Europe, Olivier Ropars.