omnichannel marketing

Why mobile apps and in-store wi-fi are central to B&Q’s omnichannel retail strategy

One of the outcomes of the consumer move towards ecommerce and digital technologies is that traditional ‘big box’ retailers have had to adapt in order to survive.

Many businesses that once relied on giant retail warehouses have needed to downsize their physical properties and move towards an omnichannel retail model that integrates digital and offline sales channels.

To find out more about B&Q’s strategy I spoke to director of omnichannel Michael Durbridge, who will also be speaking at Econsultancy’s JUMP event on October 9.

The high street and ecommerce: friends, foes or something in-between?

Given the surge of ecommerce and the collapse of Blockbuster, HMV and Jessops, it seems bricks and mortar shops may eventually disappear.

As technology and delivery mechanisms improve, will we become a nation that stares at a screen, clicking away with a cup of tea?

Online shopping is convenient and simple. The way we research and buy online may be changing, but the High Street can still play a major part in this development.

Technology can enhance and rejuvenate bricks and mortar shopping, creating an interactive and enhanced shopping experience.