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2011 State of Social Media Survey goes live

Econsultancy and LBi / bigmouthmedia have launched the 2011 State of Social Media survey, which aims to benchmark trends and levels of spending within the market. 

As with similar studies published in 2009 and 2010, the research is based on a survey of client-side marketers and in-house PR professionals, as well as agencies, consultants and other specialists working in the social media arena. 

More than 600 companies have already completed the survey since Friday, a great response which shows that interest in this topic shows no sign of abating. 

How to successfully survey your visitors

Information is power. This is particularly true online, where having information about your customers’ preferences allows you to market to them far more successfully.

Sometimes, you will have to go to your consumers and actively request
their help answering your questions, meaning you’ll need to run a
survey. Unfortunately, these can be a real turnoff for consumers.

a web entrepreneur, I’ve had to put a great deal of thought into
gleaning my customers’ opinions. Here are a few hints and tips I have
picked up. As always, I’ll be delighted if you choose to add to the
list through the comments section below.

Seth Godin: 5 tips for better online surveys

One of the reasons I often find Seth Godin’s advice to be useful is that it’s usually so simple.

When it comes to online surveys, Seth has a few common sense tips that seem obvious but, not surprisingly, are usually not implemented. I felt they were worth posting here, along with several suggestions of my own.