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Online department store SEO: ASOS gets the onsite basics right

Online-only ‘department stores’ have a big job in terms of SEO, thanks to large product ranges, the size of the sites and the number of brands contained therein.

So how well are they doing? Are they getting the basics right? 

With help from 4Ps Marketing SEO Manager Ruth Attwood, I have some insight into the on-site SEO strategies of four major ‘department store’ websites: ASOS, Boohoo.com, MyWardrobe, and Net A Porter. 

As we can see from the example of ASOS, doing the basics well can produce excellent results, and give brands a real advantage over competitors. 

Eight tips for dealing with on-site SEO on huge websites

Ecommerce currently makes up a whopping 43% of Argos’ business and is predicted to surpass 50% by 2015, so managing the company’s search strategy is an incredibly important job.

At Brighton SEO on Friday Argos’ search marketing manager Dan Patmore gave an insight into the way SEO works at the company and the tactics he uses to ensure his ideas are implemented.

Patmore currently has two people working for him internally and also outsources part of the process to NetBooster, but even then he said that managing on-site SEO remains a huge challenge.