open platforms

Distribution vs. dependence

With the rise of ‘open platforms‘ on the web, particularly on popular
consumer-oriented services like Facebook and Twitter, it’s never been
easier for individuals and small upstarts to get their applications in
front of millions of consumers quickly and efficiently.

The appeal of open platforms is easy to understand: instead of having
to deal with the dreaded chicken and egg challenge most new consumer
internet upstarts have to contend with, you can leverage the existing
userbases of popular services.

Please stop it with the APIs

As more and more web-based companies look for new ways to distribute their service and enable third parties to help them build out their services, the availability of APIs seems to grow larger every day.

It’s now possible to develop applications for social networks like Facebook and MySpace, for retailers like Best Buy and just about everything in between.

Offering an API seems to be the internet equivalent of wearing the latest high-street fashion. And it needs to stop.