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Five reasons why ‘cool’ product names might not be as clever as they seem

Android Code NamesSome companies spend a fortune coming up with enticing names for new products – and sometimes it goes disastrously wrong

A memorable example is the Chevy Nova, which in Spanish roughly translates to the Chevy doesn’t-go. 

Even if the name doesn’t mean something inappropriate, our research shows that gimmicky product names might not be as clever as their creators imagine.

Microsoft announces $39.99 Windows 8 Pro upgrade

Microsoft’s launch of its Windows 8 later this year may be the most important product launch in the company’s history. Seeking to compete in a world where the desktop is no longer king, the Redmond software giant has performed massive reconstructive surgery on its operating system in an effort to provide for a commercially-viable touch-first experience.

Change may be a necessity for Microsoft and its operating system, but change this significant rarely comes easy. Despite the fact that the company’s Windows 8 effort may be its greatest in many years, there are plenty who believe the new operating system is a disaster in the making.

Android soars while Chrome OS falters

As Google announced the launch of its new Google Music service, the world’s largest search engine also revealed that the number of active Android devices has surpassed 200m.

And that number is growing rapidly, with Google now activating more than 550,000 devices each day.