Report reveals Google’s organic CTR

Just how important is being on the first page of a Google search result page? Just how valuable is owning the top spot?

Following recent updates Google has made to its algorithm, Optify, a
marketing software vendor, decided to create a new CTR curve based on
data it has collected on behalf of a subset of its B2B and B2C clients.

Case Study: How Adready’s Jonah-Kai Hancock boosted conversion 189 percent

Jonah-Kai Hancock, AdreadyDispense with web analytics? Heresy! But that’s exactly what Adready’s new Director of Marketing Jonah-Kai Hancock did – and watched as his new lead scoring model, integrated with a CRM tool, helped conversion soar 189 percent, while leads grew 196 percent. Here’s how he did it.

Jonah-Kai Hancock: About four months ago, I joined AdReady and
was part of this new process. From a lead-gen standpoint, our marketing
function was very basic. A lot of people would come to our site, and we
didn’t have a lot of web forums. We didn’t have a lot of thought
leadership pieces. We really didn’t have information people could get
to. We didn’t have ways to capture people who were coming. Our visitors –
we really had no idea who they were.

One of my main initiatives was, how do we increase for the sales team
and from my standpoint as well visibility as to who’s coming, where are
they coming from, what are they searching for on our web site, and what
kind of content are they downloading? What do they find valuable?