organic results

How branded search and ads affect organic CTR

A new study underlines the importance of organic search rankings, and the value of a page one ranking. 

Put simply, If you’re not on page one of Google’s search results, you’re almost nowhere, with pages two and three picking up just 5.59% of the clicks. 

The study also has some interesting insights into the effect of ads on CTR, and differences between mobile and desktop search. 

36% of people still don’t realise that Google Adwords are ads

Last year, we published the results of user tests which found that 41% of users were unaware of the distinction between paid ads and organic listings. 

Well, thanks to UX firm Bunnyfoot, we have an updated version of the test, which finds similar results.

This time, 36% of people tested still do not realise that Google Adwords are ads.

Furthermore, about a quarter of people don’t know that Google had any advertising at all. And this despite the yellow text box proclaiming ‘ads’.