12 reasons why the internet is a magnificent place

It’s the round-up of weekly entertainments from around the internet that doesn’t really have a consistent name. 

Instead I prefer to choose from a list of increasingly ironic or vaguely snarky titles pinned to my desktop that bear little relation to each other beyond the word ‘internet’.

In previous week’s editions I’ve toyed with the idea of keeping the introduction to this post evergreen, but I soon jettisoned that fanciful notion in order to write nothing but topical, newsworthy matters from around the globe.

That didn’t really work either.

This week I’ll be trying something new. This week I’ll be going ‘super-local’ by giving you a glimpse into the latest news from the very desk of the Econsultancy content team.

Here’s the highlight of our week….

A number of wildly entertaining things found on the internet, ranked in no particular order

You can make your own mind up as to the order of this selection.

In fact, why not copy and paste the content, reshuffle it into your own order by whatever logic you choose and upload it to Buzzfeed? Boom, you’ve got yourself brand new content. What have you got to lose? Go on, have a ball.

Henry Elliss made me think long and hard about clickbait in his article the dirty secrets of clickbait will blow your mind this week.

Subsequently I realise it’s churlish of me to criticise Buzzfeed, Upworthy and other publishers that use overlong headlines coupled with weightless content to attract traffic, in a post that is essentially devoted to my favourite cat memes and stuff I’ve stolen off Reddit.

Some readers will decry me as a hypocrite for this and to those people I say the following: “woah did you see this awesome doge gif? It will make your head explode!”

11 spectacular ways the internet helped kill time this week

Despite last week’s machinations, I’ve given up on trying to keep this weekly round-up of amusing internet things ‘evergreen’. 

So prepare for a topical assault of Flappy Bird, Sochi, Valentine’s Day, The Lego Movie and flood misery, rendering the future readability of this article as redundant and confusing as a two year-old repeat of Have I Got New For You.

If you do have any questions at the end, me and internet will be holding a Reddit AMA later on this afternoon. Only we’ll be using the pseudonym Jennifer Lawrence.