Five tools to take real-time offline

It’s fitting that today is No Email Day since we all had a bit of practice after Monday’s Gmail outages and yesterday’s brief Facebook blip.  Several audible gasps were heard throughout Econsultancy’s offices and it serves as a reminder that today’s marketing and digital media culture is obsessed with being ‘always on.’ 

I was happy to keep plugging away in the browser on my email pitching for Econsultancy’s latest best practice guide because I have installed Gmail Offline, but how many people are aware of its Chrome extension? This got me thinking of the other tricks and tools I use when not connected to stay productive.

How ‘Mega Monday’ turned sour for Ebuyer.com

While many online retailers will be counting the profits from increased sales on ‘Mega Monday’ there is a sobering lesson on how not to run a discount promotion from Ebuyer.com.

The electronics retailer joined the discount trend by offering a range of sale items for just £1, including laptops and PCs. However, the website couldn’t handle the extra traffic that this offer generated. 

Bing takes a break but does it matter?

When Microsoft launched Bing, there was good reason to be skeptical. After all, Microsoft’s previous efforts to compete in the search market hadn’t fared so well.

But Bing is different and with the help of a $100m marketing push, has seen steady growth. Granted, Bing’s growth in the search market has come at the expense of Yahoo, not Microsoft rival Google, but Microsoft isn’t letting up.

The 2009 Gmail outage in pictures

They said it couldn’t happen, but it did. As a result, February 24 2009 will forever be etched into the brains of the survivors as the day when Google’s Gmail failed. 

The fallout from today’s technology implosion can be seen below. Whoever knew photographers could be so brave?